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The next meeting will be held on January 13, 2014 at 7:00pm in conference room B at the Town Hall at 1 Main Street in Pepperell. Click here for the minutes to the September 16, 2013 meeting.

Minutes August 9, 2012

Meeting Minutes

Pepperell Covered Bridge Committee

August 9, 2012

Location: Town Hall Conference Room B


Call to order: 7:09

Attendance: Diane Cronin, Maureen Desveaux, Erica McLellan

Absent: Dave Babin

Acceptance of Minutes: April 5, 2012, June 28, 2012

Motion: On a motion from Diane and seconded by Erica, the minutes to the April 5 and June 28 meetings were accepted.

Treasurer Report: Gift Account Balance: $3780.59  includes paid invoice escapes for July mowing at $100.00 and for $225 for installing engraved bricks, trimming the trees, weeding blueberry bushes by hand and July mowing.  Both invoice copies handed to the secretary.

Old Business

Prudence Wright Overlook

      • Status: F&W Requests for Approval: An article was printed in the Pepperell Free Press, Official Prudence Wright is a Native Habitat.  The article reminds the public we cannot mow the area.  It gives credit to escapes and  Colonial Stoneyard inGroton.  It informs the public of our activities in the past couple of months.
      • F&W License Renewal: A letter to F&W was written by Diane Cronin and reviewed by the Pepperell CBC and the Historical Commission. The letter raised concerns about fire at the Prudence Wright Outlook area. Ticks and vandalism were also a concern. Pepperell Fire Dept., the Pepperell Conservation ommission and Town Administrator were contacted. CBC requested and received permission to mow. CBC also recommended maintenance procedures and that we work together on the renewal of the license which expires in June 2013. We are going to look at our successes and learnings and also other plans we have for the site that requires approvals. We plan on starting a discussion soon. Maintenance is the main area to address in the next license.
      • Maintenance: Weeding, Fertilizing, Watering:  eScapes has been watering for $25.00 and installed watering tubes at no charge.  After the mowing was done by the DPW, eScapes did a clean up of the area including raking which will cost approximately $135.00. Weeds were also removed in the walkway. The kiosk has been cleaned. The bees were sprayed yesterday by the Conservation Committee. They are our liaison between F&W.  Paula Terasi is the contact person. We need to do some seeding in the fall.         Babin is housing our seed. The flower bed we planted last fall failed. We plan on concentrating flower seeds behind and between the monuments and grassing around the brick platforms.  Peter Shattuck is taking care of the downed trees in the parking lot. TobyTyler is offering horse manure if F&W approves.
      • Action Item: Diane will get an extra key to the kiosk to the Conservation Commission.
      • Planting Live Native Plants:We are working with Lorna Levi, who is consulting with us on native plants. We are discussing what appropriate shrubs can be installed near the sign and live plants that Lorna will donate from her garden. Live flowers will be installed as soon as it cools off
      • Preparing for License Renewal June 2013:  Some areas the committee is considering for the new license are: Installing the foot bridge, mowing greater than 12 inches around walkways and monument stops, following the seed manufacturers recommendations, identifying the treatment of the areas of free growing plants, possibly installing picnic tables, possibly a second bench, one in the sun and one in the shade, possibly a new tree over the bench to provide shade. Short term license is preferred because once in place F&W generally doesn’t change licenses.  Currently we are finishing a three year contract.

Promotional Projects

  • Covered Bridge Signage at the Rail Trail: Diane presented to the Board of Selectmen on behalf of the Pepperell Covered Bridge Committee and the Historical Commission.  The Selectmen endorsed the sign project. Diane handed out a flyer with the sign information. Secretary has a copy on file. We attempted to shop local but may be using Sign A Rama inNashua,NH for the printing.  The sign hardware may be provided by Metalcraft industries inFlorida.  We are waiting for the State’s approval.  We will want to cement the posts.  We’re hoping it is installed in the fall. We need an image of the Colonel Prescott statue inBoston at the Bunker Hill Memorial. Erica and Diane will go toBoston to get pictures of the statue on Tuesday.

New Business

  • Pepperell Covered Bridge 5K: Rob Kosman is heading this up.  It is scheduled for September 30th and the route will take runners under the Covered Bridge. The funds will benefit the projects done by the Friends of Pepperell Recreation. Diane will be providing a water station for the race if anyone is interested in helping at this station.

Next Meeting: September 13th at 7:00 pm

Adjourned: 8:27pm

Minutes written by Maureen Desveaux and Diane Cronin