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The next meeting will be held on January 13, 2014 at 7:00pm in conference room B at the Town Hall at 1 Main Street in Pepperell. Click here for the minutes to the September 16, 2013 meeting.

Minutes September 13, 2012

Minutes: Pepperell Covered Bridge Committee

September 13, 2012

Location: Town Hall Conference Room B

Meeting Start: 7:19 pm

Attendance: Guest; Martin Gardner ofWilliams St., who is interested in volunteering; Diane Cronin,Maureen Desveaux, Erica McLellan.

Acceptance of Minutes:

Motion: On a motion by Diane and seconded by Erica, the minutes to the August 9th, 2012 meeting were accepted.

Treasurer  Report: Invoice processed for work done in August totaling $ 275.00 for mowing for 5 weeks and creating the beds around the trees and blueberry bushes, weeding center walkway, spreading mulch, extra cutting and clean up of grass mowed by the Town.  Receipts submitted to the Secretary. Account Balance: $ 3,505.59

Old Business:

Prudence Wright Overlook Status:

License between the town of Pepperelland Fisheries & Wildlife is due to expire June 2013 which was a three year contract.  The plan can be found on The current license only allows cutting 12 inches around the walkway and monuments. Martin requested contact information for Fisheries & Wildlife and was given our representatives Pat Huckery, F&W and Paula Terassi from Pepperell Conservation Commission.

The request to use horse manure that was offered from a Pepperell horse farm was not approved because it has a lot of weed seed in it.  We want to avoid adding to the weed problem.  We can continue using organic mulch.

We are looking for approval to put Juniper plants in between the monuments as recommended by Lorna Levi and F&W has approved. We have planted flowers from seed the past two years and they have not grown well.

Maintenance in Progress:

eScapes and Diane weed regularly, especially in between bricks in the platforms. Mulch has been placed around the F&W sign.  Blueberry bushes have been weeded and their condition is greatly improving.  The native trees are also looking very healthy. We have no manual watering going on due to rainy weather. The fallen tree is still in the parking lot and should be removed by Peter Shattuck next week. If the tree is not moved we may have to pay a vendor to remove it soon.

Motion: On a motion from Diane and seconded by Maureen the Committee approved spending up to $100.00 to remove the tree if necessary.

The Conservation Commission sprayed wasps in nests behind the lexan glass of the 1848 bridge wood shelter and Diane posted caution notices for the public.

Fall Seeding and Landscaping: 

We need to plan to put seed around the brick platforms for strength. Goal is to take some mulch and seed mixed and start to reinforce the 12 inch mowing area.

On May 3, the Committee approved the purchase of 3 pounds of grass seed, 1 pound of flower seed and re-seeding landscaping services from Babin Landscaping. In late summer, the Committee contracted the re-seeding landscaping services with eScapes. Since it was late in the growing season, the re-seeding would have to wait until the Fall. Babin informed the Committee that they delivered the seed to us in the Spring but we did not receive it.  It is unclear what happened to the 2012 seed order. The Committee has not paid any invoices for this seed.

Action Item:  Diane will investigate the missing native seed.

Action Item:  Mulch cannot be placed near the live plants; Diane will notify Ciro of eScapes.

We also need to add more seed to the grass area between the driveway and center walkway, using the blend from NE Wetland plants. We are going to plant additional flower seed with mulch behind the monuments.

Motion: On a motion by Diane and seconded by Maureen, up to $200.00 was approved for eScapes to re-seed and mulch the Overlook for the Fall.

Planting Live Native Plants:

Past 30 days, Lorna put in many live native plants from her garden on multiple days, and we as a committee are very grateful. Many of the plants appear to be taking well to their new surroundings. Diane has kept a log of any new plants that have been introduced to the site and approved by F&W. Since the Town mowed, many plants are flowering again and the weed growth has been significantly slowed. We have more Black-eyed Susan appearing and the Overlook still looks very attractive.

Action Item: Diane will look into the type of golden rod that was planted, as it is a tall plant in an area that is supposed to be shorter growing. Martin suggested moving it as it will spread.

Preparing for the License Renewal:

Meeting requested with F&W.  Diane has requested a meeting with F&W to discuss a new license. Diane provided a key to the Information Kiosk to Paula Terassi, Conservation Committee.

Martin, asked how long F&W owned the property and the Committee informed him that it has been several decades.  Martin also asked if we could do a land swap. The Committee explained that F&W has been approached about this already and declined at that time. Martin asked where exactly is the property line on the Prudence Wright Overlook area and the known boundaries were described. He also asked why is there a swale and suggested filling it if possible and was referred to Peter Shattuck. He offered to donate native flowers from his home in Pepperell.  Martin is interested in contacting F&W.

Fisheries & Wildlife, Pat Huckery Divison Director

85 Fitchburg Rd.Ayer, MA  01432  1-978-772-2145

Action Item:  Maureen will check on Martin’s paperwork as he filled out a Citizen Activity Form and is considering becoming a member, but may also choose to act in a volunteer capacity.

Action Item: Diane will update the list of plants that are approved for the Overlook and send it out to the group and Martin, and will look into the donated plants offered from Martin.

Promotional Projects:

Historical signage at the Rail Trail. The proposal was endorsed by the Selectman and is in review at the Mass Department of Conservation and Recreation. There are multiple steps to the State approval process including a site evaluation, sign design review and Mass Historical Commission review. Diane will continue to follow up and notify the group on the status.

Engraved Brick Order Discussion:

A brick fundraiser for Christmas is desired. Erica will start promotions at some of the events she has. We may possibly create holiday brick gift cards to use as an incentive to purchase bricks as gifts.  This will be put on the agenda for the next meeting.

Action Item: Diane will verify the brick for Clarks Auto Body.

Diane was approached by a brick customer that had an engraved brick misspelled.  Diane researched the order and it was the customer’s mistake. They may re-order a new brick at their expense, but we will try to put the brick in a future order to save them money.

New Business: No new business was discussed.

Next Meeting: Thursday, October 18, 2012 at 7:00 pm

Meeting Adjourned:  9:13pm

Minutes written by Maureen Desveaux and Diane Cronin