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The First Vehicles To Cross The Covered Bridge

What a great day to open the Covered Bridge!  Sun shining, people looking well and friends all around the bridge enjoying the company of folks they haven’t seen in years.

As we open the new bridge, the public and the people of Pepperell feel that it’s essential that we recognize all the key people who have made the bridge and our town what it is today.  The historical opening of the bridge provides a special occasion to recognize the people who have been instrumental in the bridge project and other noteworthy individuals who have made significant contributions to the town of Pepperell.  Some of them are long time residents who have dedicated a lifetime of service to Pepperell and today was a day for them also.  We are honored to have them represent our town and this was the community’s way of saying “thank you” for all that they have done.

A Special Thanks to John Greenwood, a resident of Pepperell and member of the 6th Middlesex Regiment of Militia, who dressed in classic 1775 colonial militia clothing and fired his musket from the opening of the Covered Bridge to signal the start of the procession of vehicles over the Pepperell Covered Bridge.

THE FIRST VEHICLE  A Chevy Silverado, loaned to us by Conway Chevrolet of Pepperell, started off the parade of riders with:

Dick Conway who was not able to attend but he should know that the community appreciates the years of generosity and support he has given to Pepperell.  He was a President in the Pepperell Business Association, had the Pepperell Mural and DVD created and he’s been a strong supporter of the town.  In his absence his trucks will offer us a reminder of all that he has done. 

Amos Mahony  a life long resident of Pepperell and founding member of the PHS.  He was a Veteran of the US Army Air Corp and served in WWII.  Amos volunteers for PACH Outreach delivering food to needy people in the area. For 30 years Amos has been chairman of the Library Board of Trustees and is the longest serving library trustee in the state of Mass.

Ruth Seifert – Ruth has lived in Pepperell for 55 years. She has been active in the DAR, Prudence Wright Chapter of Pepperell since the 1980’s.  She was a school teacher at NMHS teaching Home Economics and was the first teacher to teach the boys cooking class.  Ruth is a member of the Women’s Club and volunteers to help 3rd world children suffering from clef palette.  She’s made mittens for the elementary school children and caps for our soldiers.

Burt Lynde:  Burt moved to Pepperell on May 1st 1939.  He is a veteran of WWII and he volunteers for the Odd Fellows and at the Grange.  His family owned Lyn Dell farm which his grandson now owns and runs.  Burt came to Pepperell for a 2 week visit and he never left. 

Joe Sergi – Joe has proven to have a strong commitment to the town of Pepperell as a member of the Board of Selectmen in his second term.  Joe was the chairman of the BOS and for 10 years he also served on the Planning Board. He has served our country in the military and he was instrumental in establishing the Mill Site Committee to help identify potential options for developing the site.

Robert Hargraves – Bob is currently our State Representative for the First Middlesex District and has served 7 terms in office.  He was instrumental in overseeing legislature that ensured that the Pepperell Covered Bridge was rebuilt and that it was a wooden covered bridge as it has been since before the civil war.  Bob was a math teacher, high school principal and was the town meeting moderator and Selectman in Groton.

Peter Shattuck – Peter grew up in Pepperell and is now our superintendent of the Highway Division and our Tree Warden.  For 7 years he has taken care of the roads and infrastructure in Pepperell.  For years his department cared for our deteriorating Chester Waterous bridge and he has been closely involved in overseeing the building of our new bridge.  Peter is a volunteer fire fighter in town and is their Deputy Chief.  Peter also represents Bob Lee the former Town Engineer who couldn’t be at the bridge opening.

Bob Lee – Bob wasn’t able to be at the opening but he was recognized for the 13 years that he worked for the town as a leader and visionary.  Bob created a unified Dept of Public Works that has become a more efficient and cost effective organization.  Bob worked hard to ensure that the bridge was replaced with a quality wooden covered bridge.  Bob also had the vision to create a scenic historic area next to the bridge on land owned by Mass Fisheries & Wildlife which became the impetus for the Covered Bridge Committee to act and create the Prudence Wright Overlook.

John McNabb – For 33 years John has owned McNabb’s pharmacy catering to the personal and individual needs of his customers especially the seniors in town.  John shows he cares about his customers and will even deliver medications directly to people’s homes when they need it.  John volunteered for hockey and little league for 25 years and helped establish the PAT Hockey program in NMHS.

Jim Dunn – Jim was born in Pepperell and has been a life long resident of our town.  His wife and father were also born in Pepperell and we have had 3 generations of the Dunn family in Pepperell.  He was a Selectmen from 1964 – 1970 and was a member of the Finance Committee.  Jim is also a veteran of the Korean War.  Jim has been working for years with Kim Spaulding to provide the Pepperell Crank Up at the Town Field.


This stylish red Corvette was included as a private vehicle in the line up, because the general public should be afforded the opportunity to be the first to cross the covered bridge too. This vehicle was the winner of the Covered Bridge Committee auction, John Masiello from Masy Systems and his grandson John.  The money raised in the auction will help provide funds for the Grand Opening Celebration on September 4th.  John was not only the winner in the auction; he was also recognized for his generosity and support of many programs in Pepperell.


Another Chevy Silverado from Dick Conway contained more recognizable faces including:

Bob Russell  - Bob was born in Methuen in 1920.  He is an army veteran of WWII and a member of the Pepperell VFW, the Legion and the Odd Fellows.  He was a former Selectman in Pepperell and served on the Board of Health and as the gas inspector.  He was a member of the Pepperell Housing authority and received the first check of over 1M to start the housing project.

Jeri Bozicas – Jeri was born in Pepperell in the 1940’s and has lived here most of her life.  The Bozica’s family has owned and personally run The Spa on Main Street since 1941.  She has been the past president of the Pepperell Business Association, chaired the Bandstand Committee and was a member of the Building Committee’s for Nissitissit and Nashoba Technical Schools.

Ann Shattuck – Ann was born in Pepperell and has lived here all of her life.  In fact she lived right near the covered bridge on Lowell Street.  Ann volunteers for the Share Program which provides food for the needy.  She has helped on the Blood Drive Program as a member of the Women’s Club.  She is an active member at the Senior Center and her husband owned Shattuck Oil for 45 years.  She raised 7 children here including 6 boys and a daughter.

Kim Spaulding – Kim was born in Pepperell and has had family living in Pepperell since 1910.  He was the Highway Surveyor for many years and worked for the town when the last bridge was closed to traffic in 1957.  For years now he has been involved in running the Pepperell Crank Up at the town field.  He is an avid tractor collector and shares his knowledge and collection freely with the public.

Jeff Sauer – Jeff is currently the Town Clerk of Pepperell.  He has volunteered to work on the Pepperell town web site for 9 years.  In 2009 he was instrumental in Pepperell winning the Common Cause E-Government Award with Distinction.  Jeff is the assistant Cub Master for Pack 14 and volunteered on the Mill Site Study Committee.  He is a member of the Cable Committee and the Conservation Commission.

Gary Giguere – Gary was born in Pepperell in 1936.  He was a member of the Police Department for 20 years.  For 25 years he worked for the Fire Department and he was a Captain.  He served 3 terms as Selectmen and 1 term in the Finance Committee.

Bill Boettcher – Bill has lived in Pepperell for 70 years.  He was the manager at the Grain Store which is now the location of Shattuck Oil.  He was a member of the Coast Guard and in 1962 he bought Lyman Robbins Insurance Company.  Bill was the Selectmen for the town for 5 years and he was Chairman when the last bridge was built.

There was alot of excitement in the crowd about the opening of the bridge.  It was an enjoyable day for  all and one that we will remember for a very long time.